State of the Union


If George Washington Were Alive, He'd be Reading Your Email

What James Madison (and the rest of the Founding Fathers) would have thought of the NSA and Edward Snowden.

Stephen F. Knott |



If Obama's energy and trade policies sound familiar, they should.

Jamila Trindle |


Keeping His Powder Dry

From Syria to Iran, Obama's State of the Union leaves many questions unanswered.

Dan Lamothe |


Foreign Staid

State and USAID need an overhaul, but you won't hear it from Obama.

Daniel Serwer |

Reality Check

Marco Rubio Is Not Ready for Prime Time

If the Florida senator wants to save the Republican Party, he's got to come up with a foreign policy for the real world.

Aaron David Miller |


Refusal to Lead

In a dangerous and changing world, President Obama is just wishing away the problems America faces.

Marco Rubio |


Don't Fear the Migrants

What America really needs to worry about is when they stop coming.

Frank Jacobs |


Concrete Action

How President Obama can get more bang for America's infrastructure renewal buck.

Richard Dobbs |

The New New Normal

Escape Velocity

The president's State of the Union address is the best place to focus responsibility and re-launch the American economy. Because the real problem is Washington. 

Mohamed A. El-Erian |

David Rothkopf

If Obama Were a Truth-Teller

Here’s what he would say on Tuesday night.

David Rothkopf |


Whoppers of the Union

Fact-checking a decade's worth of the president's big speech.

Daniel W. Drezner |

Jeffrey Lewis

Friends with Benefits

No, Mr. President, it's not OK if our allies get nuclear weapons.

Jeffrey Lewis |


Grading Obama's Foreign Policy

Nine experts rate the president’s performance so far.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


America at Dusk

FP asked a panel of writers from around the world to tell us what the United States is doing wrong. We got an earful.

Passport Administrator |