State Of The Union 2012


Good Old America

Obama thinks America can be as great as it once was. Oh, and Osama bin Laden is dead.

David Rothkopf |


The Land of Plenty

Obama's State of the Union address highlighted good news for U.S. oil production. But is America really on the path to energy independence?

Steve LeVine |


Bringing Jobs Back Home

The president has finally realized that an "economy built to last" must have a robust manufacturing base.

Clyde Prestowitz |


The 'Lump of Labor' Fallacy

Last night, the president embraced a strong skepticism of trade -- to the country's detriment.

Phil Levy |


Fine Words

Sure, Obama talks the talk. But now what?

Dov S. Zakheim |


Kill Shot

Banish any thought of Obama going soft on foreign policy. His third State of the Union address was wrapped in the flag of martial victory.

Michael A. Cohen |