Israel’s Three Gambles

Can Israel get away with its attacks on the Syrian regime?

Daniel Byman |

Amy Zegart

Criminal Minds

Why the FBI still isn't good at stopping terrorists.

Amy Zegart |


How to Close Guantanamo

Why Obama doesn’t need Congress to start to make good on his promise.

Laura Pitter |


Our Shared Islamist Enemy

From Boston to Israel, radicals are attempting to destroy Western culture.

Yair Shamir |

Rational Security

How to Defeat Cyber Jihad

Taking the war on terrorism to the Internet.

John Arquilla |

Photo Essay

Engineering Terror

Ten notorious attacks attributed to Hezbollah's shadowy mastermind.

Marya Hannun |


The Driver

An exclusive look inside the mysterious death and life of the world's most dangerous terrorist not named Osama bin Laden.

Mark Perry |


They Were 'Gentle, Loving, and Tender, Like Girls'

A conversation with the mother of the Tsarnaevs.

Anna Nemtsova |


Brief Interviews with Hideous Terrorists

What it's like to sit and talk with jihadists, neo-Nazis, and lone-wolf killers.

Jessica Stern |


Did the FBI Bungle the Tsarnaev Case?

What the bureau can and can't do on American soil.

David Gomez |


Bottom of the Barrel

Today's terrorists aren't "sophisticated." They're stupider than ever. 

Max Abrahms |

Micah Zenko

What Is the Why

Does it really matter what motivated the Boston bombers? 

Micah Zenko |


Inspiration Inflation

We're all to blame for giving al Qaeda's magazine more credit than it's due.

J.M. Berger |

Rational Security

Small Cells vs. Big Data

Can information dominance crush terrorism?

John Arquilla |


Boston's Jihadist Past

Long before the marathon bombing, Islamists in Massachusetts were helping militants in Chechnya.

J.M. Berger |


From Bishkek to Boston

A brief history of the Chechen diaspora, Islamic radicalism, and the possible link to the Boston bombing suspects.

Eugene Huskey |

The List

The Stories You Missed

What happened around the world while the world was watching Boston.

J. Dana Stuster |


The Invisible War

Russians weren't paying much attention to their own war on terror. But that was before the attacks in Boston.

Anna Nemtsova |


Boston Common

Can the marathon bombing resuscitate U.S.-Russian counterterror efforts?

Dmitri Trenin |



What happened to the people who fled the terror in Chechnya.

Joshua Foust |


Forget What You Think You Know

Would we even recognize an al Qaeda attack if we saw one?

Andrew Liepman |

By Other Means

Keep Calm and Shut the Bleep Up

Dear Americans, stop patting yourselves on the back for 'not letting the terrorists win.'

Rosa Brooks |


An Army of One

What makes lone-wolf terrorists so dangerous?

Jeffrey D. Simon |


Mostly Quiet on the Western Front

Why isn’t terrorism in the United States a whole lot more frequent?

David H. Schanzer |


A Few Bad Men

Why America doesn’t really have a terrorism problem.

Max Abrahms |


Stay the Hand of Vengeance

From Guantánamo to Boston, why Americans have a dangerous tendency to overreact to terrorism.

Bruce Weinstein |


Mrs. Ballarin's War

The improbable tale of a West Virginia heiress the Pentagon hired to take on Somalia's jihadists.

Mark Mazzetti |

Micah Zenko

An Inconvenient Truth

Finally, proof that the United States has lied in the drone wars.

Micah Zenko |