Did the FBI Bungle the Tsarnaev Case?

What the bureau can and can't do on American soil.

David Gomez |


Bottom of the Barrel

Today's terrorists aren't "sophisticated." They're stupider than ever. 

Max Abrahms |

Micah Zenko

What Is the Why

Does it really matter what motivated the Boston bombers? 

Micah Zenko |


Inspiration Inflation

We're all to blame for giving al Qaeda's magazine more credit than it's due.

J.M. Berger |

Rational Security

Small Cells vs. Big Data

Can information dominance crush terrorism?

John Arquilla |


Boston's Jihadist Past

Long before the marathon bombing, Islamists in Massachusetts were helping militants in Chechnya.

J.M. Berger |


From Bishkek to Boston

A brief history of the Chechen diaspora, Islamic radicalism, and the possible link to the Boston bombing suspects.

Eugene Huskey |

The List

The Stories You Missed

What happened around the world while the world was watching Boston.

J. Dana Stuster |


The Invisible War

Russians weren't paying much attention to their own war on terror. But that was before the attacks in Boston.

Anna Nemtsova |


Boston Common

Can the marathon bombing resuscitate U.S.-Russian counterterror efforts?

Dmitri Trenin |



What happened to the people who fled the terror in Chechnya.

Joshua Foust |


Forget What You Think You Know

Would we even recognize an al Qaeda attack if we saw one?

Andrew Liepman |

By Other Means

Keep Calm and Shut the Bleep Up

Dear Americans, stop patting yourselves on the back for 'not letting the terrorists win.'

Rosa Brooks |


An Army of One

What makes lone-wolf terrorists so dangerous?

Jeffrey D. Simon |


Mostly Quiet on the Western Front

Why isn’t terrorism in the United States a whole lot more frequent?

David H. Schanzer |


A Few Bad Men

Why America doesn’t really have a terrorism problem.

Max Abrahms |


Stay the Hand of Vengeance

From Guantánamo to Boston, why Americans have a dangerous tendency to overreact to terrorism.

Bruce Weinstein |


Mrs. Ballarin's War

The improbable tale of a West Virginia heiress the Pentagon hired to take on Somalia's jihadists.

Mark Mazzetti |

Micah Zenko

An Inconvenient Truth

Finally, proof that the United States has lied in the drone wars.

Micah Zenko |


Welcome to the Islamic State of Syria

Al Qaeda makes it official: The terror group is trying to extend its medieval rule from Baghdad to Damascus.

Brian Fishman |


A Weapon of Minor Destruction

How Eric Harroun, the American jihadist in Syria, was duped by the FBI into incriminating himself.

Robert Young Pelton |


Vive La France, Allahu Akbar

Islamic militants messed with the wrong city on Saturday night.

Matt Trevithick |

By Other Means

Let Them Go

Why John Brennan should give a passport and $10K to every Gitmo prisoner.

Rosa Brooks |


The Appeal of the Courts

Actually, we've already figured out how to win the legal war on terrorism.

Phillip Carter |

Micah Zenko

This Is Not the Drone Debate We're Looking For

How Rand Paul and company are totally missing the point.

Micah Zenko |


The Jihadi from the Block

In the war for the heart of northern Mali, the real fear isn’t al Qaeda, it’s the criminals and fundamentalists lurking just around the corner.

Peter Tinti |


Lessons Learned from Kenya's Election

Kenya’s general election wasn’t perfect -- but it was peaceful. Here’s why.

Kristin M. Lord |


Ends and Means

A decade later, what lessons haven't we learned from the war in Iraq that we should?

J. Dana Stuster |


Mali's Bad Trip

Field notes from the West African drug trade.

Andrew Lebovich |