Blind in Baghdad

Mesopotamia is once again descending into sectarian violence. Too bad nobody in the United States understands what's happening on the ground.

Michael Knights |


Fortress America

Playing the new Cold War board game is a trip back to the 1980s. So why is the theme of an America being invaded still so popular?

Michael Peck |


Is Nigeria the Next Front in the War on Terror?

The country's sectarian violence is getting out of control.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross |


Can't We All Just Not Get Along?

Why the push for bipartisan consensus in foreign policy is a dumb idea.

Michael A. Cohen |


Change Is the Only Constant

This year's Failed States Index might look like it's more of the same, but a few wild swings tell us some surprising things.

J. J. Messner |


How to Help Somalia

The president of Puntland State argues that to defeat the global threats of piracy, terrorism, and anarchy, the world needs to think locally.

Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud Farole |



Facts on the ground just don't square with talk of an al Qaeda comeback.

Hillary Hurd |

Rational Security

Cool War

Could the age of cyberwarfare lead us to a brighter future?

John Arquilla |

Slide Show

The View From Kandahar

Photographer Louie Palu's portraits of the war down south.

Louie Palu |


The Patience Runs Out

The United States has put up with Pakistan's insidious double game for a decade now. Not anymore.

Shamila N. Chaudhary |


Up Close and Angry

The CIA's Sabrina De Sousa dishes on the Bush administration officials who ordered the botched extraordinary rendition operation -- or kidnapping, if you're an Italian judge -- that made her a wanted woman.

Jeff Stein |

Terms of Engagement

Sit this One Out

Why Obama shouldn't use drones to go after Mali's Islamic radical separatists.

James Traub |


The Obama Paradox

A conversation with David Sanger, author of a new book on Obama's secret wars. 

David Rothkopf |


Kill the Kill List

The Obama administration is grossly misreading international law when it comes to targeting terrorists.

Daphne Eviatar |


Losing Polio

Did the CIA ruin our chance to eradicate one of the world's worst diseases?

Laurie Garrett |

The List

Romney: Year One

What would happen if you took Mitt Romney's foreign-policy promises extremely literally?

Daniel Drezner |


Me Against the World

In a Foreign Policy exclusive, American jihadist (and rapper) Omar Hammami sends word about al Shabaab's bloody leadership wars and how he became a target.

J.M. Berger |


Amateur Hour in Chicago

Obama knows that he can't succeed in Afghanistan without coming to terms with Pakistan. So why is his diplomacy so lousy?

Arif Rafiq |

Christian Caryl

In the Crosshairs

Why controlling the international arms trade can help to build stable societies.

Christian Caryl |


Syria's New Jihadis

Meet the terrorist group that's ruining the revolution.

Aaron Y. Zelin |


The Government We Deserve

Americans are sick and tired of Washington's dysfunctional politics. But it's not Congress they should be angry at -- Americans got exactly the system of government they asked for.

Alasdair Roberts |


Unmanned and Dangerous

Why NATO's expanding use of drones is a disturbing trend.

Louise Arbour |

Terms of Engagement

Nation-Building in the Yemen

Drones alone won't be enough to stop Yemen from falling into the failed state abyss.

James Traub |

The List

Sonnets for the Mujahideen

The militant movement has a little-examined sensitive side.

Hanna C. Trudo |

Terms of Engagement

Terrorist Fishing in the Yemen

The Obama administration has doubled down on the use of drones to go after bad guys. How long until the blowback comes?

James Traub |


A Nation of Spies and Snitches

The United States is pretty darn good at infiltrating terrorist groups -- at home and abroad -- these days. But should we be worried about the social costs?

J.M. Berger |


The bin Laden Files

What the al Qaeda leader's final correspondence tells us about his legacy.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross |


Where Democracy Is America’s Second Choice

For Washington, democracy promotion in Yemen continues to take a back seat to the fight against Al-Qaeda.

Francisco Martin-Rayo |


Hi, I Killed Osama bin Laden and I Approve This Message

Can Barack Obama ride the OBL raid to victory in November?

Michael A. Cohen |