Syria's Secular Revolution Lives On

Islamist radicals may be gaining strength, but the spirit that sparked this uprising survives in the unlikeliest of places.

Omar Hossino |


Not Just Another Movie

Zero Dark Thirty lies. End of story.

Amy Zegart |


Mali's 2.5 Percent Problem

The real reason the Sahel is awash with terrorists? Rapid population growth.

Roger Howard |


Covering the Syrian Catastrophe

The 22-month civil war is even worse than the headlines make it seem.

Lara Setrakian |


Beyond Al Qaeda

As Western countries rush into Africa's troubled Sahel region, are we once again forgetting history?

Howard W. French |


The Eradicateurs

Why Algeria doesn't talk to terrorists -- even if that means killing hostages.

Geoff D. Porter |


Al Qaeda Is Alive in Africa

A witches' brew of Islamic jihadists is stirring up trouble across the continent. But is that America's problem yet?

Daniel Byman |


A More Sacred Union

How two words -- forged nearly a century ago -- help explain France's military intervention in Mali.

Robert Zaretsky |


Paris Murder Mystery

Who's behind the assassination of three Kurdish women in the heart of the French capital?

Eric Pape |

Terms of Engagement

Exit, Minus Strategy

Barack Obama has clearly decided to cut his losses in Afghanistan. Will all hell break lose when he does?

James Traub |


Why the Left Should Embrace John Brennan

The architect of the drone program is the only one who can fix it.

Michael A. Cohen |


Did Awlaki Really Help the 9/11 Hijackers?

What Judicial Watch and Fox News got wrong about al Qaeda's leading English-language ideologue.

J.M. Berger |

The List

Four Surprises That Could Rock Asia in 2013

Are we paying attention to the wrong crises?

Michael Mazza |


Anatomy of an Air Attack Gone Wrong

In rural Yemen, a botched attack on a terror suspect kills 12 civilians and destroys a community.

Letta Tayler |


All (Syrian) Politics Is Local

How jihadists are winning hearts and minds in Syria.

Hassan Hassan |


What Africa Did Right in 2012

Africans are getting better at finding their own solutions to African problems.

Jon Temin |


Zero Farce Thirty

The man who nearly stopped 9/11 tells FP why Kathryn Bigelow's movie about the hunt for Osama bin Laden gets it wrong.  

Ty McCormick |


Syria's Time Is Running Out

The country tears itself further apart with each passing day. This is the moment to do something about it.

Frederic Hof |

The List

A League of Our Own

The NRA is wrong -- gun culture in Israel and Switzerland isn't anything like it is in the United States.

Janet Rosenbaum |


Ultimate Sacrifice

What's the difference between self-immolators and suicide bombers?

Michael Biggs |


The Boomerang Effect

Will the civil war in Syria incite a Sunni-Shiite holy war in Lebanon?

Patrick Galey |


Still Think Middle East Peace Doesn't Matter?

Gaza's radiating instability proves once again that Palestine is at the center of the region's problems.

Steven A. Cook |

The List

The Making of a Cultural Icon

How Malala became an international hero.

Lois Farrow Parshley |


A Pillar of Problems

Eight questions about the Israel-Gaza conflict we still don't have a good handle on.

Jonathan Schanzer |

Micah Zenko

Dempsey's Paradox

The world is getting less violent. So why do we feel so threatened?

Micah Zenko |


The New Battlefield

5 ways terrorism has changed since 9/11.

John McLaughlin |


Reaction Time

Why terrorism derails every administration.

Martha Crenshaw |


Bahrain Burning

The island kingdom is descending into violence, and nobody has a plan to restore order.

Michael Stephens |