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Did Qaddafi's End Justify the Means?

How Libya changed the face of humanitarian intervention -- an FP roundtable.

Charles Homans |

Briefing Book

Follow the Money

A simple reform created for stopping terrorist financiers could dramatically strengthen international sanctions, and cut off the flow of funds to some of the world’s worst regimes.

Stuart Levey |


Where Do We Go from Here?

Five things that Palestine could do to push forward the quest for statehood.

Hussein Ibish |

The List

When They Were Kings

The United Nations has long been a playground for bad boy dictators. But there are a few notables who won't be making the trek to New York for the festivities and powwows this week.

Colum Lynch |

Terms of Engagement

Punitive Measures

The coming Palestinian statehood push at the United Nations is a train wreck. But with the U.S. Congress promising punishment for this effrontery, it's not just Palestinians who will come away grievously injured.

James Traub |


Humpty Dumpty Palestine

Even if the United Nations grants Palestine statehood this September, it's far from looking -- or acting -- like a real, functioning state.

Aaron David Miller |


Train Wreck in Turtle Bay

Palestinian leaders are headed for a dangerous confrontation at the U.N. that will only leave everyone worse off. Can anyone stop this runaway train?

Ziad J. Asali |


Humanitarian Inquisition

Does success in Libya prove that the "responsibility to protect" works, or has it opened a Pandora's box of shaky precedent?

David Bosco |


The Cowboy Abroad

We know plenty about what Rick Perry, the GOP's newest presidential front-runner, thinks of America. But what about the rest of the world?

Erica Grieder |

The List

Two Plus Two Equals Five

What numbers can we trust? A second look at the death toll from some of the world's worst disasters.

Philip Walker |


The Black Hawk Down Effect

We all know what went wrong the last time the international community tried to end a crisis in Somalia. But we've forgotten what went right.

John L. Hirsch |


The Palestinians' Imaginary State

A majority of the world's countries are gearing up to recognize a Palestinian state in September. But does Palestine really qualify?

Steven J. Rosen |


Interview: Rajiv Shah

The USAID administrator on the epic food crisis in the Horn of Africa, dealing with al Shabab, and why Somalia's famine is going to get worse before it gets better.

Robert Zeliger |

The Optimist

Famine Is a Crime

Civilization has defeated mass starvation. So why are so many Somalis dying of hunger?

Charles Kenny |


Cambodia's Kangaroo Court

Why isn't the U.N. tribunal to prosecute genocidal Khmer Rouge war criminals going after more bad guys?

Mike Eckel |

Photo Essay

Cambodia's Moment of Truth

Thirty-two years after the fall of the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia finally confronts its horrific past.

Philip Walker |

Terms of Engagement

Bashir's Choice

The brutal means that the Sudanese president has used to keep his country together have instead blown it apart in the most chaotic way possible.

James Traub |

Photo Essay

From Khartoum to Juba

Images of Sudan and its people on the eve of the country's division.

Tim McKulka |


Justice League

The case for calling off the Tomahawks and bringing Muammar al-Qaddafi to The Hague.

David Scheffer |


The Least Wanted Most Wanted Man

The inside story of how the United States and NATO let war criminal Ratko Mladic evade justice for 16 years -- and why it matters.

David Scheffer |


The Virtues of Folding

President Obama has a bad hand in the poker game of Middle East peace. But bluffing or raising the stakes won't improve it.

Aaron David Miller |

The Optimist

No Need for Speed

Save your money, United Nations -- the developing world doesn't need broadband Internet to get ahead.

Charles Kenny |


The LWOT: NYPD arrests two in plot against synagogue; U.S. finds bin Laden "diary"

Foreign Policy and the New America Foundation bring you a twice weekly brief on the legal war on terror. You can read it on foreignpolicy.com or get it delivered directly to your inbox -- just sign up here.

Andrew Lebovich |


The Myth of 9 Billion

Why ignoring family planning overseas was the worst foreign-policy mistake of the century.

Malcolm Potts |

Terms of Engagement

Freedom From Fear

Now that he's accomplished the central aim of George W. Bush's foreign policy, Barack Obama can finally get started on his own.

James Traub |


Can the World Feed 10 Billion People?

With an exploding global population -- and Africa's numbers set to triple -- the world's experts are falling over themselves arguing how to feed the masses. Why do they have it so wrong?

Raj Patel |


What the World Got Wrong in Côte D'Ivoire

Why is the United Nations entrenching former colonial powers on our continent? Africans can and should take the lead in resolving their own disputes.

Thabo Mbeki |


A Bad Deal

Why Palestinian unity won’t lead to peace.

Dore Gold |


Back in the Saddle

How Libya helped NATO get its groove back.

James Joyner |


How Not to Declare a War

The Obama administration's legal rationale for bombing Libya suggests that while George W. Bush may be gone, the imperial presidency isn't.

Scott Horton |