U.S. Congress

Terms of Engagement

Welcome, Know-Nothings

The new Congress is a bunch of ignoramuses when it comes to foreign policy. And, frankly, that's probably a good thing right now.

James Traub |


The Fiscal Cliff Sequel

Why the Pentagon will only make a cameo appearance.

Gordon Adams |


The Art of Snore

Can't we get some better defense ideas for $1.75 billion a day?

John Arquilla |


Does the GOP Need a New Foreign Policy?

Can the Republican Party survive without coming to terms with the Bush-Cheney years? FP's Shadow Government team weighs in.

Elizabeth F. Ralph |


Is This Any Way to Treat Your Banker?

China recoils in horror at America's fiscal dysfunction.

Shen Dingli |

The New New Normal

Getting Down to Business

The bad news is Washington hasn't seen the last of its bickering, dithering, and gridlock. The good news is Obama can change that in his first 100 days. 

Mohamed A. El-Erian |

In Box

The Things They Carried: The Third Amiga

What rising GOP star Kelly Ayotte takes with her to the Senate.

Benjamin Pauker |


Currency War

Debating Robert Zoellick's vision for reintegrating economics into U.S. foreign policy. 

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |


The Year in Quotes

The 20 most puzzling, hypocritical, and revealing things said about U.S. foreign policy in 2012.

Micah Zenko |

Daniel Altman

Chicken Run

The politicians are playing a dangerous game with the global economy -- and with Americans' pocketbooks. But the voters get the last move.

Daniel Altman |


Wanted: A Few Good Leaders

Fewer veterans are serving in high office in the United States. It's no coincidence that America is going off the rails.

Paul V. Kane |


New Year, Same Awful Congress

Will lawmakers trade political paralysis for compromise and bipartisanship in 2013? Don't bet on it.

Norman Ornstein |

Gordon Adams

Running Hills

Why senators shouldn't head the Pentagon or Foggy Bottom.

Gordon Adams |

In Box

Fiscal Cliff: A Short History

How did the phrase become shorthand for Washington's embrace of budget brinkmanship?

Uri Friedman |


Hagel Unchained

Why do neocon Republicans hate Chuck Hagel so much? Because of what he would do as secretary of defense.

Jacob Heilbrunn |



The Heritage Foundation got exactly the conspiracy-hyping president it deserves.

Hayes Brown |

Micah Zenko

Offensive Maneuver

Why does Leon Panetta hate democracy?

Micah Zenko |

David Rothkopf

It's His Prerogative

Let Obama pick his secretary of state. Even if it's Susan Rice. 

David Rothkopf |


Pork Will Find a Way

How Congress can fund its pet projects -- even without earmarks.

Laura Peterson |


Yes, Congress Is That Bad

America's unprecedented political paralysis is undermining the country at home and abroad.

Thomas Mann |

Christian Caryl

Is Bashar al-Assad Syria’s Abraham Lincoln?

The Syrian president's fans are comparing him with the hero of America's Civil War. Here's why they're wrong.

Christian Caryl |


Is J Street Winning?

This election showed that the Democratic Party's views toward Israel are changing in some disturbing ways.

Steven J. Rosen |


The Ground Truth from Benghazi

The politicians in Washington are beating each other up over the Benghazi consulate attack. But they don't seem to be paying much attention to the evidence from the scene of the crime.

Christopher Stephen |

Slide Show

The FP Survey: The Economy

If we're ever going to get out of this slump, what will it take? We asked more than 60 leading economists to tell us.

Slide Show |


Mad Libs: Economy Edition

With a presidential race focused on the ailing U.S. economy, Foreign Policy asked the experts to help fill in the blanks.

Alicia P.Q. Wittmeyer |


Peter King Must Go

The chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security is asleep on the job, or worse, too busy picking on Muslims to notice the real terrorist danger to America: lone extremists with guns.

Sahil Bhatia |


Code Red

How Capitol Hill politicking has undermined cybersecurity--again. 

James Andrew Lewis |

The Spendagon

Hard of Hearing

Why the House's attempt to save defense spending might flop.

Winslow T. Wheeler |


British r Coming. Pls RT!

What if Twitter had been around during the American Revolution?

katie.cella |


Gunpoint Stimulus

Defense contractors are trying to frighten Americans into believing that Pentagon budget cuts will destroy the economy. It's bogus.

Lawrence J. Korb |