The Chinese Military Can 'Fight Any Battle and Win'

A conversation on tensions among China, Japan, and the United States.

Ely Ratner |

Tea Leaf Nation

Captain America, Captain China

Why a patriotic U.S. film is raking in the renminbi.

Warner Brown |


Nine-Dash Mine

Why Beijing should let international law reign in the South China Sea.

Ziad Haider |

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Chinese State Media Slams Microsoft

Xinhua says ending Windows XP "extremely irresponsible."

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |


China Might Actually Seize Japan's Southern Islands

It's not as crazy as you think-- and here's how the United States and Japan can prevent it from happening.

James Holmes |

Situation Report

FP's Situation Report: State, Pentagon clash over Syria intervention

USAID contractor announces a hunger strike in Havana; Another is arrested in Afg; Gun control an issue at the DoD; What do artists, bug splats and the drone war have in common?; and a bit more.

Gordon Lubold with Nathaniel Sobel |

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Infographic: Jesus More Popular Than Mao on China's Twitter

A surprising disparity between Communist and Christian chatter.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |


When Is a Rock Not a Rock?

A small court in The Hague wrestles with an existential question that could put a stop to China's maritime power grab.

Keith Johnson |

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Meet China's Protest Archivist

Powered by the web, a former migrant worker is connecting local unrest to international audiences.

Yaqiu Wang |


Worry, but Wait

American fears of Russian and Chinese aggression are growing, but they'd still rather Washington not get too involved.

Bruce Stokes |

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Chinese Authorities' Tough Sell: Paraxylene

A new outbreak of NIMBY protests hits China's streets, and its Internet.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |

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Zhou Decline Watch: Following the Money

Tracking the downfall of one of the most feared men in China.

Isaac Stone Fish |

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Mapping China's Economic Activity

Fully half of China's GDP comes from a smattering of major cities, many near the coast.

Yiqin Fu |


When Bygones Were Bygones

Today, China and Japan are at each other’s throats, but 30 years ago they were like old friends. What happened?

Sergey Radchenko |


Unfair Trade

The United States just won a big trade battle with China over materials used in iPhones and missiles, but it might be a Pyrrhic victory.

Keith Johnson |

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Russian Embassy: Sanctions Remind Us of Tiananmen Backlash

Russian diplomats are trying -- perhaps too hard -- to play up historical similarities with China.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |


Gauging Bloomberg's China 'Rethink'

A conversation about the future of journalism in the world's largest country.

David Schlesinger |

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Don't Get Too Excited About China's Latest Corruption Crackdown

A human rights lawyer explains why party leaders have been doing this for decades.

Teng Biao |

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In China, the Confrontation That Wasn't

An easily debunked rumor about Michelle Obama shows the difficulties that U.S. officials face in managing their message there.

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian |


A Back Door to Chinese Internet Freedom

It's based on a dare: block our sites, and risk losing billions.

Jeff South |


Mao Won the Battle, Chiang Kai-shek Won the War

History will prove the defeated Generalissimo had a greater impact on modern China than its most famous father.

Robert D. Kaplan |


How to Avoid a Naval War With China

In the contested waters of Asia, it's difficult to understand Beijing's intentions.

William J. Parker III |

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A Glitch in the Cash Machine

There's a wrinkle to those hot Chinese tech IPOs. 

Rachel Lu |

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China, We Fear You

A viral essay explains why many Taiwanese think their government is selling out to China.

Richard Chiou-yuan Lu |


China's Empty Cities and the Law of Supply and Demand

Why Beijing needs to keep on building, snarky bloggers be damned.

Daniel Altman |

Slide Show

The March/April Issue

The trouble with high speed rail in China; how small satellites are turning space into a DIY playground; and what happens to "child sorcerers" in Congo.

FP Staff |

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Boiling Point

In a historic first, Taiwanese youth are occupying their legislature to protest a trade pact with China.

Chris Fuchs |


Infographic: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

The vast network of influence surrounding China's former security czar.

David Barreda |