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Deep Dive

Deep Dive is all about convening a debate -- an in-depth policy conversation on the world's most pressing issues. Each month, we'll tackle a new subject from the top of the Washington agenda, combining the in-depth study of the Brookings Institution with the in-the-moment authority of Foreign Policy's editorial team. You'll hear from top players from Capitol Hill, the executive branch, and global decision-makers -- as well as FP's host of well-known expert contributors and writers -- as we go deep on the issues shaping Washington's intersection with the world. Expect penetrating analysis, new data and insights -- and more than a little heated debate. Our hope is to keep the conversation going all month long. We hope you'll join in too. Kicking off this month: Brookings policy paper by senior fellow Bruce Jones on managing a changing world order.

  • Ahmadinejad

    Proceed With Caution
    By Rep. Tom Price

  • Bretton Woods

    Bring Back Bretton Woods
    By Biagio Bossone

  • BRICs

    The Trouble With the BRICs
    By Jorge Castaneda

  • Flags on a video wall

    Building the New World Order
    By Bruce Jones

  • Celso Amorim

    Let Us In
    By Celso Amorim

  • Sarkozy et un cochon

    How the G-20 Can Prevent a Food Crisis
    By Bruno Le Maire

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About Deep Dive
A special joint project from Foreign Policy and the Brookings Institution

G20 leaders

Seven New Laws of the G-20 Era
By Colin Bradford

Boarded up houses

Think Again: American Decline
This time it's for real

Statue of Liberty

Cheer Up, Guys
America still has good times ahead


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