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Deep Dive

Deep Dive is all about convening a debate -- an in-depth policy conversation on the world's most pressing issues. Each month, we'll tackle a new subject from the top of the Washington agenda, combining the in-depth study of the Brookings Institution with the in-the-moment authority of Foreign Policy's editorial team. You'll hear from top players from Capitol Hill, the executive branch, and global decision-makers -- as well as FP's host of well-known expert contributors and writers -- as we go deep on the issues shaping Washington's intersection with the world. Expect penetrating analysis, new data and insights -- and more than a little heated debate. Our hope is to keep the conversation going all month long. We hope you'll join in too. Kicking off this month: Brookings policy paper by senior fellow Bruce Jones on managing a changing world order.

  • Ahmadinejad

    Proceed With Caution
    By Rep. Tom Price

  • Bretton Woods

    Bring Back Bretton Woods
    By Biagio Bossone

  • BRICs

    The Trouble With the BRICs
    By Jorge Castaneda

  • Flags on a video wall

    Building the New World Order
    By Bruce Jones

  • Celso Amorim

    Let Us In
    By Celso Amorim

  • Sarkozy et un cochon

    How the G-20 Can Prevent a Food Crisis
    By Bruno Le Maire

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Chess pieces

About Deep Dive
A special joint project from Foreign Policy and the Brookings Institution

G20 leaders

Seven New Laws of the G-20 Era
By Colin Bradford

Boarded up houses

Think Again: American Decline
This time it's for real

Statue of Liberty

Cheer Up, Guys
America still has good times ahead


The War Issue

The War Issue
How Obama Lost Karzai Stanley McChrystal on War War and Peace Madlibs

The War Issue -- FP's second annual special edition looking at the world of hard power -- comes at an urgent moment, when the United States has been at war for nearly a full decade, and is grappling with the very much unfinished task of the conflict in Afghanistan, as well as increasingly pressing questions about the threats and capabilities required in the future wars. From bioweapons to Karzai's tumultuous nine years as Afghanistan's president to where the United States will be fighting its next battle, there's more to the world of war than just guns and tanks.

  • Karzai and Obama

    How Obama Lost Karzai
    By Ahmed Rashid

  • Karzai seated

    Solitary Man
    An FP Slide Show

  • Skull and crossbones

    The New Weapons of War
    By David E. Hoffman

  • Pakistani military

    What's the Most Dangerous Situation in the World Right Now?

  • McChrystal's notes

    Gen. Stanley McChrystal: 'It takes a network to defeat a network.'

  • North Korean soldier

    War with North Korea Would Be________
    (Fill in the Blank, It’s Mad Libs!)

FP's Exclusive New Ebook: Revolution in the Arab World
Floating heads

War and Peace
Mad Libs Edition

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