What Economists Don't Understand About Scots

Everyone from Paul Krugman to Joseph Stiglitz is weighing in on Scotland’s risky bet. But they don’t get the feeling of yes.

Daniel Altman |


The Islamic State Comes to Indonesia

The world's largest Muslim country is a vast recruiting ground for radical jihadists. But the government has done a surprisingly good job of containing the Caliphate -- so far.

Jon Emont |

Tea Leaf Nation

The Flame of Chinese Nationalism

The Communist Party can't entirely control what it's helped create. That poses a risk to China, and the world.

Jessica Chen Weiss |


Why the Pentagon Should Care About Scotland's Referendum

Scottish independence won't just be bad for the Scots. It will be a disaster for U.S. foreign policy from Syria to the Arctic Circle.

Emma Ashford |


Pot, Meet Needle

Execution is as execution does.

Matt Bors |


History Is So Not Over

It's time for a dose of realism when we think about how to build new democracies.

Alina Rocha Menocal |


Corrupt Ukrainian Politicians Have a Taste for Mansions

A Ukrainian leader on the run, his mansion, and a 15-year-old corruption case.

Jamila Trindle |


Can the U.S. Army Degrade and Destroy Ebola?

Obama is sending 3,000 troops to West Africa to stop the deadly outbreak. But 250,000 people could already be infected by Christmas.

Laurie Garrett |