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In Other Words
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Foreign policy isn’t just about war, staged conferences, and tiffs between world leaders -- and neither is Foreign Policy. With our In Other Words section, we feature the best in ideas and intellectual culture from around the world, from the jokes that are shaping political life in Egypt to the Soviet literary masterpieces that still resonate today, including regular book clubs and excerpts from our favorite authors worldwide.


The Latest from In Other Words

FP's Exclusive New Ebook: Revolution in the Arab World
Soldier's silhouette

FP Donald Rumsfeld’s Known and Unknown
An FP discussion on the controversial former secretary of defense’s long-awaited memoirs.

An Eerie Silence

An Eerie Silence
Jonny Steinberg on why it’s so hard for South Africa to talk about AIDS.

Protester in Green Mask

Misreading Tehran
Leading Iranian-American writers revisit a year of dreams and disappointment.


Overcoming the Language Barrier
FP’s translation project.


Bloggers Read Books, Too
FP’s bloggers pick their favorite books of the year.


Three Decades of a Joke That Just Won't Die
Egyptian humor goes where its politics cannot.


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