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The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers

They had the big ideas that shaped our world in 2009.

The 10 Stories You Missed in 2009

Sometimes it's the page A14 stories—the ones that never see the light of cable news or take on a second life in the blogsphere—that tell you the most about what happened during any given year.

By Joshua Keating

The FP Survey
The Wisdom of the Smart Crowd

We've polled the FP 100 to offer you the wisdom of the smart crowd on everything from what's ahead in 2010 to what they're reading now. Here, the breakdown of who's who on our list.

Bill Clinton's World

In an exclusive interview, the former president tells Foreign Policy what to read, who to watch, and why there really is a chance of Middle East peace in 2010.

Dead Men Walking

Why 2009's truly top thinkers are yesterday's news.

By Niall Ferguson

Putting Your Big Think on the Map

A how-to guide.

By Carlos Lozada

Al Qaeda's Dissident

Meet the man who turned the world of jihad upside down.

By Jarret Brachman

The Anti-God Squad

The New Atheists aren't all that.

By Robert Wright

Market Riot

How the crisis inspired an entirely new set of big ideas on big money.

By Noam Scheiber

The COINdinistas

An insider's guide.

By Thomas E. Ricks

The Big Thinkers of Giving

How philanthrocapitalists are reshaping the world of charity.


The List, 2020 Edition

Thought leaders for the Internet era.


The Missing

Where have all the Sakharovs gone?

By Moisés Naím