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Night of the Living Wonks

Toward an international relations theory of zombies.


Ronald Reagan

The Gipper wasn’t the warhound his conservative followers would have you believe.


Misreading Tehran

Foreign Policy asked several leading Iranian-American authors to revisit the hype and the hope in a year’s worth of writings about Iran’s upheaval.


The geopolitics of the world’s other biggest holiday.

By Vali Nasr

Opening gambit: Bubble bath

By Chrystia Freeland

Man Without a Plan

Harvard’s Stephen M. Walt and former Mideast negotiator Nabil Fahmy ask Aaron David Miller: If not a peace process, then what?

Food Fight

Author Anna Lappe and Population Action International’s Jeffrey Locke say Robert Paarlberg’s faith in industrial agriculture is misplaced.

Time Bomb

Demographer Richard Cincotta wonders why Charles Kenny is still fighting a centuries-old battle over Thomas Malthus.

Wiring Democracy

Nicholas Negroponte of the One Laptop Per Child program thinks Evgeny Morozov isn’t giving the Internet enough credit.