March/April 2010
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How Obama Lost Karzai

The road out of Afghanistan runs through two presidents who just don't get along.

By Ahmed Rashid

It Takes a Network

The new frontline of modern warfare.

By Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal

The FP Survey

What wars are we going to be fighting in the next decade -- and with what weapons?

The New Virology

From Stuxnet to biobombs the future of war by other means.

By David E. Hoffman

Teodorin's World

Playboy bunnies. $2 million Bugattis. Bags full of cash. Meet the world's richest minister of agriculture and forestry.

By Ken Silverstein

Human Rights Last

China's diplomats have the ear of the world's bad guys. So what are they telling them?

By Gary J. Bass

American Education

Relax, America. Chinese math whizzes and Indian engineers aren't stealing your kids' future.

By Ben Wildavsky

So Long, Chicken Little.

The 9 most annoying sky-is-falling clichès in American foreign policy.

By Michael Lind

Mickey Mouse, Villain

How copyrights for U.S. cartoons are holding the developing world hostage.

By Charles Kenny

BRICs: A Short History

How did a Wall Street buzzword coined by Goldman Sachs become a powerful new bloc in world affairs?

By Blake Hounshell

Going to Extremes

Why Muslim fundamentalists may be our best hope for stopping terror.

By Tina Rosenberg

Cable News

What is WikiLeaks really trying to tell us? We asked eminent historians and ambassadors to take the long view on these startling documents, starting with a short history of secrecy.

Chinese Juggernaut?

China's rapid growth is a legitimate worry for leaders in Washington -- and Beijing.

Netizens Unite

An advocate for Washington's 'Internet Freedom' agenda has second thoughts.

Kingdom Come

The United States may need Saudi Arabia -- but do they need us?

The China Threat

Can the United States really make a peaceful hand-off of power to authoritarian China?

History Matters

Is the peace process doomed until Mahmoud Abbas hangs a portrait of Theodor Herzl in his office?