This blog as you know it will cease to exist on January the 5th

I have been blogging at danieldrezner.com for 5+ years now, and it has been a wonderful ride.  When I look back on this half-decade, I think of the good times, like when I cussed out James Lileks, or when I corrected Matt Stoller, or I adapted A Few Good Men to explain pork-barrel spending, or my DC potboiler written in the jargon of IR theory, or [I think they get the point--ed.  Really, I'm almost done!]  or what Junior Soprano and the G-20 have in common.  Hell, this blog has outlasted the birth, life and death of TimesSelect.  But five years in the blogosphere is a looooooong time.  So, as of January 4th, 2009, this blog as you know it will cease to exist.  Gone.  Kaput.  Goodbye, farewell, and amen.....  ...because on January 5th, danieldrezner.com will be relocated to Foreign Policy's website at foreignpolicy.com!  That's right, I'm officially selling out!!    Now, in light of some recent developments in the blogosphere, I can imagine that longtime readers of this blog will be curious about what this means.  So, just to be clear:  I will continue to be the sole editor of my blog.  When I want to post something, it's going up -- there are no other filters here.  To put this in blunt blogspeak terms -- if either Jennifer Palmieri or David Kuo goes anywhere near this blog, I'll whack them with a f$%#ing two-by-four.  Seriously, Foreign Policy is not affiliated with any think tank or ideological foundation -- it is now owned and operated by the Washington Post Group (as is Newsweek and Slate).  And I will not be the only person joining Foreign Policy's web team.  Without spilling any secrets, I know some of the other political scientists that Foreign Policy is bringing in after the first of the year, and I've had zero problem disagreeing with them in the past.   Blogging will continue uninterrupted at this site until January 5th, after which all y'all will be re-routed to my new home at Foreign Policy.  Finally, in the only sucking up I plan on doing in public, a big thank you to Moises Naim and the rest of the Foreign Policy crowd for having enough stupidity faith to bring me on board. 


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