The timeless international relations humor of The Daily Show

Over the years, The Daily Show has tackled issues relating to world politics and American foreign policy with a sharp satirical, somewhat left-of-center edge.  I have found most of these takes to be moderately amusing -- and it's pretty hard, sometimes, to make international politics look funny without seeming cruel. 

This month, however, marks the four-year anniversary of "Britain's Fallen Soldiers," which I have reproduced below for your amusement.  I watch this, oh, let's say once a month since it aired.  I have never been able to watch it the entire way through without cracking up.



I will simply note that the crux of NATO's problem, which inspired John Oliver's finest work ever, is, of course, still ongoing.  Because intractable international policy problems, like fine satire, have a timeless quality. 


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