Things to blog about in Boston while you're in lockdown

Your humble blogger awoke this AM to an automated phone call informing me to lock all my doors and not to go outside because of, well, this

As I'm typing this, one of the suspected bombers is dead, and the other one is on the run and somewhere kinda close to where I lie. 

So, I've spent the AM watching cable news and checking my Twitter feed to find out everything about the suspected Boston Marathon bombers. So here are the most useful links I've seen today, beyond the excellent tick-tock on this past evening from the New York Times that was liked above):

1) The Wall Street Journal has a solid profile on the Tsarnaev brothers suspected of being the Boston Marathon bombers. And Adam Serwer at Mother Jones has some disturbing info about Tamerlan's beliefs.

2) Business Insider has some 28 Days Later-style photos of the unpopulated Boston streets right now.

3) How do you build brand loyalty? By staying open for cops during a lockdown. Dunkin Donuts for the win.

4) So, the suspected bombers are Chechen. For useful links to that conflict, check out the Council on Foreign Relations as well as The Monkey Cage and Foreign Policy. Oh, and Chechnya's leaders ain't pleased about this.

5) According to the New York Post, it sounds like these Chechens are in league with the Evil League of Evil to smite down Glenn Beck and Infowars because the latter has been hoarding Bitcoins and -- OK, I clearly need to get off the internet. 

That is all. For now.



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