Wake Up and Smell the Turkish Coffee

It’s time for NATO to get involved in Syria and Iraq, perhaps even putting limited Special Forces troops on the ground.

James Stavridis |


Russia's Quiet War Against European Fracking

Environmentalists trying to block shale gas exploration across Europe are unknowingly helping Putin maintain his energy leverage over the continent.

Keith Johnson |


Think Again: NATO

Why Europeans can defend themselves, but won't until Washington makes them.

Justin Logan |


No-Bluff Putin

Anyone who says Russia is losing in Ukraine doesn’t understand how this game is played.

Stephen M. Walt |


Putin's Nordic Shadow

Why Finland and Sweden need to stop pretending they are neutral and join NATO already. 

James Kirchick |


Can Radek Sikorski Save Europe?

Meet the Oxford-educated Polish foreign minister fighting to get a wishy-washy continent to stand up to Russia.

Michael Weiss |

Situation Report

FP's Situation Report: How Washington turned its back on Darfur

Hagel in Beijing and a U.S.-China divide exposed; Fears of extremism and ethnic violence in Africa; Can you laugh at the military?; and a bit more.

Gordon Lubold with Nathaniel Sobel |


NATO Expansion Didn't Set Off the Ukrainian Crisis

Russia hasn't been "encircled" by the West -- Vladimir Putin simply wants to be able to invade his neighbors at will.

James Kirchick |