Animal News


Notes From the Ursine Underworld

While wildlife activists focus on rhinos and elephants, Asia’s bears are succumbing to a poaching problem of their own.

Robert Carmichael |

In Other Words

The Dog Whisperer

How a British colonel altered the 
battlefields of World War I, and why 
his crusade still resonates today.

Rebecca Frankel |


Suicide Mission

Ty Carter fought in Afghanistan and became a hero. Now he has one more enemy to fight: PTSD.

Yochi Dreazen |


Where the Wild Things Die

Heavily armed conservationists are fighting to save the world’s remaining rhinos. A dispatch from the front lines of South Africa's poaching wars.

Scott C. Johnson |

Slide Show

Horns of Africa

Inside the high-tech, bloody war on rhino poaching.

FP Staff |