Christian Caryl

Remembering the Fall

It's hard to remember just how impassable the Berlin Wall was -- until one day it wasn't. A memoir.

Christian Caryl |


'We Want to Flourish'

Watch what happens when a young Egyptian woman and a young Chinese woman discuss free speech.

Alison Klayman |

Tea Leaf Nation

Hong Kong's Angry, Anti-Mainland Counter-Vigil

Some here think the usual Tiananmen commemoration is too soft on the Communist Party.

Rachel Lu |


'I Do Not Want Red Square to Look Like Tiananmen Square'

The secret history of Mikhail Gorbachev's ill-timed trip to Beijing -- and why Russia still fears the contagion of Tiananmen.

Sergey Radchenko |

Tea Leaf Nation

A Time-Lapse Map of Protests Sweeping China in 1989

The 'Beijing Spring' was never just about Beijing.

Alexa Olesen |

Slide Show

The Square

A look back at Tiananmen -- then, now, and the 25 years in between.

FP Staff |


Xi Jinping's Bad Dream

On the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square crackdown, China is writing a new legacy of repression.

Salil Shetty |

Tea Leaf Nation

Let's Talk About Tiananmen

Beijing wants us to forget about '6/4.' But we must keep the flame burning.

Zhang Jialong |