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Timor-Leste now


  • Asia's Best Kept Secret (for now)

    For any country emerging from conflict and committed to peace and stability, progress comes in steps; and that is exactly how Timor-Leste wants to approach its tourism industry, too...

  • Respecting the Earth

    Barry’s Place, a sprawling collection of earthy bungalows that sits across the stunning Timor Sea in Atauro Island, isn’t your average profit-driven lodge. And,that’s the point,says co-founder and operator Barry Hinton...

  • Tour de Success

    Quick: In just three months, put together an international mountain bike race to help commemorate a major historical milestone with no staff,money or cycling experience. OK?...

  • Tips for the Busy Traveler

    Travelers en route to Dili can arrive from three cities, Singapore, Darwin, Australia and Bali, Indonesia. From Singapore, Singapore Airways offers several flights a week. Through Darwin, Air North through Darwin...


Goodbye Conflict, Welcome Development