David Rothkopf

The Fall Guy

Getting rid of Hagel is not a cure for what ails Obama's national security team -- it's a symptom of the disease.

The knives were out for Chuck Hagel as soon as he was appointed secretary of defense. At first, however, those blades belonged to the snarky and dubious members of the press corps assigned to him. The Washington buzz was that Hagel, despite his years in the Senate and accomplishments in business and the military, was not up to the job. But today, with word of Hagel being ousted from the Obama cabinet, many of those who doubted him feel he was wronged.

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The Catch-22 of Barack Obama

Dealing with Congress could drive anyone nuts, but with his immigration move, Obama is crazy like a fox.

As addled American bombardier Captain John Yossarian says of the one thing blocking his being grounded and saved from having to face combat again while he hangs upside down from the hatch of his bomber as it taxis yet again toward another mission, "That's some catch, that Catch-22."

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Is Inequality a Bigger Threat than the Islamic State?

In the Age of Fear, the sensational always overtakes the important.

One of the hallmarks of the Age of Fear in which we live is that everywhere we turn there are not only new threats, but with the arrival of each one there is also a vast orchestra of technologies available to make it roar and rumble and make us tremble. The threats are so myriad and the cacophony of alarms and ominous analyses so loud that it becomes impossible to discern which threats should really concern us and which are less important. Minor risks rise up on the waves of our other worries until they appear just as big as some threats many times their size.

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This Man Is an Island

Obama stands alone, apart from his party and the world, in the wake of Tuesday’s elections.

In the wake of Tuesday's elections, U.S. President Barack Obama cuts a lonely figure. In fact, he may end his term of office as the most isolated president since Richard Nixon. If that is the case, it will largely be a plight of his own making.

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The Pendulum and the President

An exclusive excerpt from “National Insecurity: American Leadership in an Age of Fear.”

FP Group CEO and Editor David Rothkopf's newly released book is a follow-up to his acclaimed earlier history of U.S. foreign policy making in the modern era Running the World: The Inside Story of the National Security Council and the Architects of American Power. In National Insecurity, which covers the periods of the Obama and Bush administrations and seeks to look beyond the partisan views, Rothkopf examines the unique dynamics that have shaped America's role in the world since 9/11 and why the results of our leaders have often been so troubling.

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